Beautiful plant for your beauty. Few words on Linseed Oil

Flax as a plant looks gorgeous: it has tiny, blue flowers, which cover meadows with cerulean colour. However, flax is not only beautiful plant, but also – through its properties – helps preserve beauty of each one of us who start using it.

The most valuable form of flax is linseed oil – “the essence of beauty”, gold and amber elixir that is easily used in both kitchen and bathroom for all kinds of treatments. You should know why it is so beneficial to our health and beauty.

– Consists of over 50% EFA (essential fatty acids), including omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, which protect us against all sorts of diseases and are essential to proper functioning of organism, which is unable to produce it on its own. It is like with the oil in the car’s engine. What happens when it runs out – it is obvious. The consequences are severe. Those beneficial fatty acids are present in a composition of cell membrane, so it makes it elastic, moisturises, provides health, beautiful appearance and its proper functioning.

– Content of vitamin E in linseed oil takes care of processes in our skin and reduces free radicals, so that they wouldn’t cause ageing and loss of elasticity. It influences skin lipids and protects them and helps heal all irritations.

– Very important in linseed oil is presence of lignans – natural compounds that belong to phytoestrogens – in practice it means that linseed oil as one of few that contribute to right functioning of our hormones, because the tiny phytoestrogens resemble oestrogen, i.e. the primary female sex hormone. Their balanced level influences our menstrual cycle, mood and even right weight and ageing processes. What a feminine oil!

It is an irreplaceable cosmetic. Linseed oil in used on skin of face and body (can be added to creams and face masks), women who just gave birth use it for massage, because it can in visible way eliminate stretch marks; ladies after their 30s love it for the “ironing” of the wrinkles.

In a brilliant way it nourishes our hair and takes care of a scalp, it is excellent for popular lately hair oil treatment, because is full of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which lack can be observed on hair condition – weaken structure and split ends are results of EFA deficit.

– Another important benefit of linseed oil is that: it is not expensive in comparison to other oils and is easily available.

Yet another exceptional properties of flax – it not only contributes to our beauty, but also covers us with it – after all it is plant used for production of textile for our clothes (known and valued for ages). Which one of us does not have linen trousers or dress perfect for the summer days? What a universal plant! No wonder that the Latin species name “usitatissimum” means “most useful”.