High porosity hair – What does it gain after the treatment with linseed oil?

Linseed oil is lately very popular mostly in the cuisine. In terms of health, its properties outclass even fish oil, due to the correct ratio of fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. However, mentioned acids work not only for the health – these are also responsible for good condition of nails, skin and most of all hair.

Linseed oil is one of best remedy for overly damaged and weak hair: brittle, dry and fine, that lose their gloss and (even faster) lose water. Such hair is called high porosity hair. It requires constant care and nourishment. It is easy to damage it and (sadly) very difficult to nourish, because standard haircare based on shampoo and conditioner is not enough for it. The best regeneration will be provided by deep nourishment. Hair like that need more than inner regeneration; it requires also protection against damages. Undoubtedly, such care can be ensured by linseed oil.

How does linseed oil work? What can hair gain thanks to treatment with it?

– Linseed oil thanks to high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 consists of large particles, which not only are able to match highly raised hair cuticles on the surface of high porosity hair, but will also protect hair on the outside. These particles create invisible layer against toxins from the environment, mechanical damages and harmful atmospheric factors.

– Linseed oil deeply regenerates hair. Polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in linseed oil improve processes in cells and make it impossible for toxins and detergents to penetrate hair, while also inhibiting ageing processes.

– Linseed oil increases hair resilience, so it is more difficult to mechanically damage hair. No hot air produced by hair dryer, or hair brushing, back comb and other stylisation can harm hair.

– Linseed oil moisturises hair and prevents water loss from the inner hair structures. It is especially relevant when it comes to the high porosity care, which are known to lose water pretty fast and are very easy to dry.

– Linseed oil takes care of hair, by providing it with elasticity, bounce, vitality and gloss. It is suitable for dry hair, the moment before stylisation. Thanks to it the strands will be easier to style, will not be matte, rough and deprived of the condition.

– Linseed oil is rich in vitamin E, called the youth vitamin. It is strong antioxidant, prevents hair ageing, takes care of hair vitality and young appearance.

– Linseed oil strengthens hair from the roots down and eliminates hair loss.

– Linseed oil contributes to speeding up hair growth. This is a merit of iron and zinc in the composition, which not only accelerate hair growth, but also inhibit excess hair loss.

– Linseed oil contains also high concentration of magnesium, that takes part in protein production, including keratin (hair lumber). Its deficit makes strands more susceptible to damage, breakage and falling out, while ends are prone to splitting.

Thanks to treatment with linseed oil, hair gain right care, regeneration and care, that cannot be provided with any conditioner or hair mask.