Linseed oil – Hair whisperer

Did you know that…

  • … hair of very poor condition is called high porosity hair?
  • … linseed oil is the best oil for this type of hair?
  • … hair gets damaged in no time if its water-lipid balance is disturbed?
  • … unsaturated fatty acids included in linseed oil are able to restore this balance?
  • … vitamin E (or tocopherol) is called fountain of youth?
  • … deficit of vitamin E in hair makes your hair dull and hair starts to fall out and stops growing?
  • … linseed oil is abounding in vitamin E?

What is more, linseed oil is inexpensive and widely available, at drug stores as well as at food, herbal and organic shops.

If you struggle with bad hair condition all the time, you don’t need to reach out for most expensive cosmetics. All you need is linseed oil and a little of spare time.

Hair oiling is conditioning hair with the use of natural oils.

The ritual requires a little time – you apply the oil to dry hair and leave on for several hours. The longer you keep the oil, the more effects you will get. Therefore, it is advisable to apply the oil to hair, rub thoroughly in the scalp, wrap hair with a towel and… go to sleep. Wash the oil away with a shampoo in the morning.

Oiling treatment performed once a week won’t be enough for very damaged hair. Three times a week would be the best solution or even doing it before every washing. In this case so called wet hair oiling would be perfect. This treatment doesn’t require the oil to stay on hair for several hours. It is enough to apply it an hour before washing, to slightly wet strands and then wash hair as always.

You can also use it as a leave-in hair end serum to complement the overnight treatment. The oil will work as a serum for damaged ends which regenerates and protects from damages.

We guarantee that your hair will change completely after several weeks of treatment. It will become soft, bouncy and shiny. The oil will reduce frizz and brittleness. Your hair will get proper level of hydration. Good luck!